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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 8/10/01
Ever wonder how Robert De Niro taught Jinx to use the toilet...now you can do it too.

Long Beach Press Telegram 8/10/01
the book will get your cat on the can in just 21 days by mastering a sequence of simple behaviors

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How To Toilet Train Your Cat
The Education of Mango
Litter Free In 21 Days

by Eric Brotman, Ph.D.
(ISBN 0-9707327-0-8)
details step by step how to train your cat to use the toilet using a few household items. Amazing photographs document Mango's education from early awkward steps to graceful and confident use of the toilet. The humor and wit along with the cartoons of Matt Ellis leave the reader breathless from laughing. The photographs alone make How To Toilet Train Your Cat: The Education of Mango a must have!

Natural and Safe

Training a cat to use the toilet is natural, clean and safe for owner and cat. Some cats are quick studies and learn in a couple of weeks, others may take up to 6 weeks. More than one cat can be trained. The rewards are great. It is wonderful to have an indoor cat and not have to maintain a litter box or purchase cat litter


average Amazon review 5 stars

Amazon Review written 8/6/02

Wonderful Book, August 6, 2002
Reviewer: A reader from Louisiana
This book is an easy to read and funny intructional tool for toilet training your cat. My cat completed the process in about 7 days with 100% accuracy. (Just think of all of the money that can be saved by not having to buy litter.) This is a must have for anyone trying to accomplish the task of feline toilet training. I have had cats all of my life and have never such an easy time in training one of them to anything, much less using the toilet. I highly advise using this book and wish that I would have known about it earlier. Thank you Dr. Brotman

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cat training


Reader Testimonial

Last December with the arrival of our third cat, Apollo, I could no longer tolerate the litter box. My interest in toilet training was awakened and I went searching the web for advice. I came across How To Toilet Train Your Cat: The Education of Mango by Eric Brotman, Ph.D. and ordered a copy. Already familiar with the basic principles of toilet training a cat, I was looking for extra tips. Eric Brotman's book not only provided sound information on the behavior and training of cats but gave us many laughs! The photographs of Mango and detailed instruction made training Apollo a breeze. I keep the book on my coffee table - where guests find it remarkable and entertaining! Even if I didn't own cats, the book would be worth the humor alone!

Alok Chaudhari
Columbus, Ohio


I tried everything to hide the smell.

In my mission to hide the smell of the box I tried everything. First the fancy smelling litters, then the super absorbent pellets, the litter box with a roof, I even came close to buying a litter box with robot arms. Just when I couldn't take it anymore, it occurred to me, why couldn't my cat just use the toilet.

Free of the litter box

Now that the smell and misery of my litter box is gone, I want to share my knowledge with you and help you discover how safe and easy it is to teach your cat to use the toilet.

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How To Toilet Train Your Cat:
The Education of Mango

is the winner of the Cyberdog & Cats
December 2000 Magazine award.


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